Getting Started

NCA Engage is more than a social site or a learning management system. It's a professional networking and learning tool designed to connect National Children's Alliance members and partners. NCA Engage provides instant access to a community of your peers, useful and informative document libraries, access online training, and allows users to engage in focused online discussions. In short, NCA Engage provides members with an unprecedented opportunity to reach new heights, elevate their game, and share expertise to be of greater service to children everywhere.  



1.) Complete Membership Profile 
Update your organization Membership Profile and complete the NCA Engage Community Member Access section. Add contact info for all members of your staff in the NCA Engage Community Member Access section and save. 
  • If you've previously applied for an NCA grant, submitted an Accreditation affidavit, or updated your contact info with us before, use the same login to access the portal. 
  • If you've never applied for NCA grants or used this portal before, follow the link to "create a new account."
Please Note: The information entered in the Community Member Access section will auto populate to NCA Engage. Users must update the Community Member Access section to update their contact information on NCA Engage.

Membership Profile Link

Only the designated Primary Contact for your organization can complete the member profile. Primary Contacts may add, change, or edit staff member profiles at any time. Please use the process above to add or remove staff members from Engage. Please email if you have questions or concerns. 

2.) Reset Password 

Once the Membership Profile is complete new users will receive a welcome email from NCA Engage with a password reset link. Please use the link to reset your password. 
Password Reset Link

Please contact if you experience issues with resetting your account password.

Due to the high volume of email generated from our community, some email service providers incorrectly identify the email as spam. While we do everything possible to ensure strong deliverability rates, it's sometimes necessary that you add the community email addresses to your "whitelist" (this tells your email provider that we are approved senders and not spam). If you stopped receiving email from the community, this is the first and most critical step to take to ensure our email can be delivered to you.

3.) Login
Click on the LOGIN button in the upper right hand corner. Enter your email address and the password you created. If you have forgotten your password select "Can't access your account?" to reset your password.

 Now that you've logged in, built your profile, set preferences and invited new contacts, you're ready to explore and discover all that NCA Engage has to offer. Send messages to your contacts, start a discussion, join a community, or complete a course. It's all here in one place!

4.) Complete Your Profile
Once you login to NCA Engage, locate the menu bar on the homepage. Click on "My Profile"(you can also find a profile link in the top right hand corner of the page).

Begin by adding a profile picture (Add a Picture > Upload).

Next, tell other community members about yourself in the BIO section. Complete the education, job history, and interest sections by using the Add/Edit links (optional).

Link to your profile(s) on Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Twitter®, etc., simply by clicking on the appropriate link(s) under Social Media Sites and following the prompts (optional). 

Your membership type ribbon (Accredited, Associate, etc.) will automatically be displayed on the left side of the page under your profile picture.

5.) Customize Your Settings

Using the My Account drop down menu, click Privacy Settings. Here, you will set your contact preferences and control how you appear to others. After setting your preferences be sure to click Save.

Using My Account drop down menu, select Community Notifications. Here, you will set your preferences for how long you wish to be notified of discussions and other activities. You can choose to be notified in Real Time, by Daily Digest, in Legacy format, or you can choose to receive No Email notification at all. Setting your subscriptions to No Email requires logging in to NCA Engage to view all activity (not recommended, you may miss something groundbreaking).

6.) Adding Contacts

Using the Member tab on the menu bar, users have two search options. The Basic Search allows you to search by first name, last name, company, or email address. Advance Search also allows you to search by location, member type, subject matter expert, topic interest, region, and professional associations.

Now you're ready to build your contact list!
Getting Started Video Series

Join NCA Engage 
Here's how to get started setting up your organization's profile on NCA Engage.

How to upload your profile picture, add demographics, and view your engagement metrics and contributions.